Our classes are designed to give you a solid grounding in your chosen discipline. Our levels runs from beginner to advanced level.

What to Expect

Classes usually vary between 2 and 8 people. You will learn the basics of the chosen discipline, while focusing on specific figures you would like to achieve. Your instructor will adapt the specific exercices according to your current level.


Drop-in : 30$

Monthly membership 

1 class per week : $110

2 classes per week : $210

3 classes per week : $300

4 classes per week : $380

Unlimited: $400


Cancellation policy

Let us know at least 30 days before the renewal of your membership if you wish to change or cancel your plan.

Age Requirements



We take our students' safety very seriously, all our classes follow industry standards protocols: profesional rigging, crash mats and capped number of students allowed per teacher per class. 

Clothing Requirements

Students want to wear comfortable, form-fitted clothing that stays in place during inversions. Ideally, the student should wear short sleeved shirts and leggings that cover the back of the legs. SOCKS REQUIRED. No jewelry should be worn and long hair should be tied back. No clothing with buckles, zippers, or large buttons should be worn.

Physical Requirements

Students must be free of injuries that would prevent safe enjoyment of the class. Our beginner classes are easily adapted to the strength of the student. If you have special needs, please contact us and we can see how best we can accommodate you.


Class Schedule 

Jan 9 → May 28


5:15 PM - Fit to Fly Conditioning (45min)

6:00 PM - Hand balancing

6:00 PM - Trapeze

7:00 PM - Straps


5:00 PM - Flexibility/contortion

6:00 PM - Silks

7:00 PM - Rope

7:00 PM - Hoop Intermediate


5:15 PM - Fit to Fly Conditioning (45min)

6:00 PM - Trapeze inter-advanced

6:00 PM - Silks

7:00 PM - Straps inter-advanced

8:00 PM - Acrobatics / Trampoline


5:00 PM - Hoop/Lyra

6:00 PM - Flexibility Pilates (NEW)


No adult classes


10:00 AM - Silks beginner 

11:00 AM - Silks intermediate

12:00 PM - Silks advanced

1:00 PM - Straps

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Miami Circus Arts Center is a fictitious name for Les Ailes du Desir Foundation Inc. (LADD) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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