SLAM! Career day

Career Day at Slam North School. On April 19th, 2024, we had the great opportunity of participating in this wonderful experience with High School Students in Coral Gables. Showing them all about a path …
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Soirée des Arts Special: Sideshow

Once Again Contemporary Circus Takes Over Miamiwith a unique Performing Arts event where a riveting mix of circus, theater, dance, vocalists, acrobats and moment of pure grace yielding to rushes of adrenaline and staggering …
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Aerial Duo Trapeze Workshop

Acrobatic Duo Trapeze Masterclass Join us for a 20-hour Aerial Duo Masterclass where we will learn, refine and master duo trapeze specific techniques, learn the basics of connecting skills while enhancing artistic exploration. As …
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Intensive Summer Camp 2024

The beautiful Coral Gables Museum, was the venue for hosting our last showcase. Our students from the Intensive Summer Camp 2024, performed the best circus art acts, showing the what have learned and improved …
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Two students admitted at Montreal’s Ecole Nationale de Cirque

Awesome news! Marina and Scarlett just got the golden ticket into the Summer Intensive program at the prestigious Ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal. Their sheer grit and determination at the Miami Circus Arts …
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2023 Circus Summer Camp for Kids – Registrations Now Open!

Booking & details Enroll your child in a thrilling and immersive circus adventure at our 2023 Circus Summer Camp for kids, where they'll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of captivating circus …
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2023 Circus Intensive Camp: Where Dreams Soar for Kids and Teens!

Booking → Give your child an unforgettable circus adventure at our 2023 Circus Intensive Camp! Expert instructors will push your child and help them develop hard to get skills in no time. 📅 June …
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Miami Circus Arts Center at Santa Clara Elementary School For Career Day!

We had a blast! Outreach work in schools is a significant aspect of our mission to share the joy and benefits of circus arts with the wider community. We recently had a fantastic time …

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