Programs for youth with disabilities

Our multiple approaches address a diverse spectrum of needs and abilities and provide opportunities for growth with circus arts in a safe and fun environment.  During the school year LADD Foundation has a circus program specific for children with autism and children with different abilities.

Les Ailes du Desir Foundation also applies a social circus approach. Social Circus applies circus arts to help address social barriers and lack of access to arts and cultural activity. Circus Arts have myriad benefits. It increases focus, concentration, and improves confidence and self-esteem.

Each of our programs is carefully designed to meet the needs of participants, and seeks to improve the social and emotional skills that youth need to thrive as adults, including the ability to seek help and to help others and the ability to set and work towards goals. 

Ladd Foundation aspires to inspire youth, discover talents, and new passions through experimental programs of cross-disciplinary arts form and community-based programs to promote contemporary artistic talents that have emerged from our local communities as a viable art education career alternative.

Our vehicle to achieve our aspirations is to allow participants of all abilities to discover their uncovered talents and express themselves while also interacting with local artists and the community at large. We hope to create positive experiences for our groups through interactive arts such as creative theatre, expressive dance, circus arts, visual arts, and life stories. We are strong believers that cross collaboration productions break through social barriers and raise community awareness about the gifts and talents of individuals within our diverse community. Professional artists deliver empowering visual & performing arts experiences to our program partner participants, as well as train, and mentor our students. The idea is that under the mentorship of an instructor, shows are curated by groups or individual students who created a production which is the powerful statement that illuminates their vision.


Miami Circus Arts Center is a fictitious name for Les Ailes du Desir Foundation Inc. (LADD) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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