Awesome news! Marina and Scarlett just got the golden ticket into the Summer Intensive program at the prestigious Ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal. Their sheer grit and determination at the Miami Circus Arts Center, with some stellar guidance from Director Nicolas Allard, has totally paid off.

Getting to learn at Ecole Nationale du Cirque is like hitting the jackpot. It's a chance for our girls to level up their circus skills, learning from the cream of the crop in the industry. This Montreal-based school is famous for its top-notch training and for shaping the world of circus arts.

It's truly heartwarming to see our young stars, Marina and Scarlett, chase their dreams and grab every chance to perfect their craft. Being a part of Ecole Nationale du Cirque is sure to open up a world of possibilities, expose them to fresh artistic influences, and let them rub shoulders with other talented circus artists from all corners of the globe.

So here's a big shoutout to Marina and Scarlett! May they keep shining in their circus journey and totally rock this amazing adventure!

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